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roof underlays mdm Ventia

mdm® Ventia Q 20 Aniversary breathable roof underlay


A difussive roof underlay of the highest quality, three-layered, weight 230 g/m2 and thickness of 900 μm. It represents very high mechanical resistance and water vapour permeability (Sd = 0,04 m). It can be used both directly on thermal insulation or laid on a full boarding. It is used for various types of roofing: shingles, concrete and ceramic tiles, metal sheets, sheet metal tiles. mdm® Ventia Q underlay is a premium class product!

Use with full boardnig YES
UV resistance*
concerns average yearly radiation in the Central European climate
6 months


Polypropylene nonwovens laminated with microporous polypropylene film.


lenght: 50 m; width: 1,5 m

quantity per pallet:

Palett dimensions: 1540x1170x1220
m²/palett: 1500 m² / 20 rol.

version without integrated glue strip
10000110230575m21500m2 /20 rolek
version without integrated glue strip
10000111230575m21500m2 /20 rolek
version TT - with integrated glue strip
10000112230575m21500m2 /20 rolek