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A package of staples and pads STINGER


Using pads under staples to install roof underlay makes the underlay less prone to tearing by strong wind and keeps it tights to the base. Additionally, STINGER system pads insulate the places of underlay installation. The package includes 1008 or 2016 staples and 6 or 12 rolls of STINGER pads intended to be used in STINGER roof underlay installation system by means of a taker. A roll has 168 pads of 25 mm diameter. A box of staples contains 24 strips of 84 staples.


Pads are made of polypropylene. Staples are made of steel covered with resin (anticorrosive protection).

quantity per pallet:

Quantity per pallet 80 x 120
• STI-101 (1008 staples + 6 rolls of pads): 297 pcs / pallet
• STI-102 (2016 staples + 12 rolls of pads): 162 pcs / pallet