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roof underlays mdm Ventia

mdm® Ventia Iron breathable roof underlay


A basic roof membrane from innovative line of Ventia. Threelayered, diffusive with weigth of about 120 g/m2, with good application parametres and BBA / ZVDH / CSTB certified. High class membrane in a very attractive price! It cannot be used on roofs with full boearding.

Use with full boardnig NO
UV resistance*
concerns average yearly radiation in the Central European climate
3 months
It's possible to supply the product adjusted to the customer's needs - with individual logos printed on the underlay, private labels, and with an integrated strip of glue placed on one (T version) or both sides (TT version) of the underlay.

Only standard version of the product (without the glue strip) is available in stock. In case of ordering an individual specificaction of the producte product there are minimum quantities that have to be ordered and the times of delivery depend on the currently available free capacity of the production line.


Polypropylene nonwovens laminated with microporous polypropylene film.


lenght: 50 m
width: 1,5 m

quantity per pallet:

Palett dimensions [mm]: 1540x1170x1280
m²/palett: 2925 m² / 39 rol.

version without integrated glue strip
10000110121275 m²2925 m²/39 rolls
version T - with integrated glue strip
10000111121275 m²2925 m²/39 rolls
version TT - with integrated glue strip
10000112121275 m²2925 m²/39 rolls