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roof underlays mdm Ventia

mdm® Ventia Wind Barrier


Wind barrier protects the building against uncontrolled heat loss due to draught. Thanks to excellent difussive properties (Sd=0,005 m), it can be used as an efficient protection of timber frame constructions (wooden) and brick constructions (with thermal insulation made in light/dry technology). It is also successfully used in all kinds of ventilated roofs (notice it cannot be used as an initial cover). Weight: 85 g/ m2; thickness: 400 μm.


Polypropylene nonwoven with high water vapour permeability.


lenght: 50 m; width: 1,5 m

quantity per pallet:

Palett dimensions: 1540x1170x1300
m²/palett: 3900 m² / 52 rol.