ridge tile clamp 1.470/115


Ridge tile clamps are intended for fixing of ridge and hip tiles to the ridge or hip batten. There are various clamp models adjusted to various kinds of roof tiles. Our clamps are made of high quality aluminium coated with polyester. They ensure durable and solid fixing of ridge and hip tiles to the ridge. Our standard offer includes the most popular clamp models and colours. At customer’s request there is a possibility to order other clamp models. For more details please submit a question to our sales representatives.


aluminium coated with polyester


Quantity per pallet 100 x 120 cm:
- type U clamp: 48000 pcs/pallet
- Roben/Tondach clamps: 24000 pcs/pallet
- other clamps: 9600 pcs/pallet

(50 pcs / pack)


ridge tile clamp 1.470/115
ridge tile clamp 1.470/115
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