Package SMART mdm® DB/DC


Roof walways elements are intended for safe and fast communication on the roof surface, e.g. during all kinds of controls, maintenences or repairs. Benches and chimney sweep steps are installed directly on the roof construction by means of special grips. For our clients’ comfort we have introduced full sets of roof walkways into our offer - mdm® SMART packages - adjusted to various kinds of roofing.

Set contains:
- 1x chimney sweep safety bench (0,4m or 0,8m)
- 2x bench grip support DB/DC type
- 2x bench grip
- fixing screws


Hot-dip galvanized steel offered either in natural (non-lacquered) or powder coated version. Non standard colours are available on request at extra charge (lead time up to 10 days).


Chimney sweep safety bench - steel type: 0,8 or 0,4


Quantity per pallet 80 x 120 cm
Chimney Sweep Safety Bench 0,8 m - 120 packs/pallet


Package SMART mdm® DB/DC
Package SMART mdm® DB/DC
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