Roof valley pressed across


Rollable valleys are available only made of aluminium and are supplied on individual order. The delivery times may be longer.

Copper, copper imitation or grey strips are available only in packs of 2 pieces and the delivery times may be longer.

Due to constantly changing copper prices, the price of the strips made of copper are set individually when the order is being placed.

It&aposs also possible to produce valleys on individual order basis in the lengths recquired by customers. In such a case the delivery dates may be longer and there are minimum quantities that have to be ordered.


Aluminium sheet 0,58 mm thick covered with polyester paint or copper sheet 0,55 mm thick. In case of aluminium sheet in a colour different than grey, varnish is secured by additional polythylene foil which is removed while roof valley installation. Due to copper prices fluctuations, the price of copper roof valley is agreed individually on the day of placing an order.


Roof valley length: 2000 mm
Roof valley width after unrolling:
500 mm

There is a possibility to supply aluminium roof valleys of custom length (minimum order quantity and lead time 7-10 days apply)


Quantity per pallet 120 x 200:
• aluminium roof valley 50 packs
• copper roof valley 100 packs


Roof valley pressed across

Roof valley pressed across

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