mdm® VR MULTI rollable ridge vent


Modern ridge vent ensuring very good ventilation and protection of ridges and hips. It has high diffusion capability, which enables discharging the water vapours accumulating directly under the roof surface to the outside. It also seals the roof and thus effectively protects against water, snow and dust entering under the roof surface.

Strips of profiled laminate increase their volume by 60%.

Air permeability (at200 kPa): 380 cm3/cm2/s.


Two strips made of laminate (aluminium foil 70 μm + pet 23 μm) glued and sewn to a technical fabric together with threads resistant to environmental factors; butyl glue strips applied to the edges on the bottom side. 


Lenght: 5 m
Vent width: 240, 300, 390 mm


Quantity per pallet 80 x 120 cm:
VR 240 Multi - 1680 m (336 rol./pallet)
VR 300 Multi - 1440 m (288 rol./pallet)
VR 390 Multi - 960 m (192 rol./pallet)


mdm® VR MULTI rollable ridge vent
mdm® VR MULTI rollable ridge vent
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