Snow guards


mdm® snow guards have a special profile, thanks to which they match all the standard roof tiles (no need for cutting tiles).
Snow protection system includes accessories preventing snow from sliding from the roof. A complete snow protection system includes: snow guards, fences and barriers - together with grips used for their installation on the roof surface. Snow guards correctly located on the roof, considerably hamper snow sliding. Fences and barriers installed along the eaves by means of system grips, stop the snow sliding from the roof while thaw, which considerably improves passers-by safety. mdm® snow protection system also prevents the gutters from being torn as a result of heavy snow slide.


galvanized steel sheet 1,2 mm + 0,1 mm thick coated with polyester paint. Non standard colours - at extra charge (minimum order quantity and lead time up to 2 weeks apply).


height of the snow keeping part: 65 mm
width: 34 mm (+/- 0,1 mm)


Quantity per pallet 80 x 120
15 packs (1500 pcs / pallet)


Snow guards

Snow guards

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