Chimney finishing strip


Used as a finish for works performed by means of chimney flashing strips. Made of high quality aluminium sheet, durable and weather resistant. New crease design makes installation and storing easy. Available also in copper version.


0,58 mm thick aluminium or 0,55 mm thick copper lacquered with polyester paint. The painted layer is additionally covered for protection with a polyethylene foil that should be removed while installing. In case of strips made of copper, there is a minimum order quantity (multiple of 13 pcs) and the lead time up to 10 days. Due to copper prices fluctuations, the cost of copper strips is individually agreed on the day of order placing.


Strip length: 2 m
Strip width: 72 mm


Amount per pallet 80 x 120
500 pcs (50 packs / pallet)


Chimney finishing strip

Chimney finishing strip

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