ridge tile clamp 1.470/ 51


Ridge tile clamps designed to install ridge tiles to ridges and hips. There are numbers of clamp models adjusted to various kinds of ridge tiles. mdm® ridge tile clamps are made of high quality aluminium covered with polyester paint. They ensure durable and solid instalation of tiles on the ridge. Less frequently used models and colours are offered only on request.


Aluminium lacquered with polyester paint.


Quantity per pallet 100 x 120
type U clamp: 48000 pcs/pallet (50 pcs / pack)
Roben and Tondach clamps: 24000 pcs / pallet (50 pcs / pack)
other clamps: 9600 pcs / pallet (50 pcs / pack)


ridge tile clamp 1.470/ 51

ridge tile clamp 1.470/ 51

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