Eaves strip


It secures eaves part of the roof - it prevents water permeation to the roof construction, leading it directly to the gutter. It is made of high quality aluminium; it is also available in a copper version.


Aluminium 0,58 mm thick lacquered with polyester paint (secured with polythene foil - except for grey colour) or copper 0,55 mm thick. In case of copper eaves strip and grey colour strip minimum order quantity and lead time of 10 days apply. Due to copper price fluctuation, the price of eaves strip made of copper is established on the day of order placement. Other dimensions available on demond.


Strip length: 2 m
Edge length: 70 x 115 (+/-5) mm


Quantity per pallet 80 x 120 cm:
50 packs


Eaves strip
Eaves strip
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