mdm® VR rollable ridge vent


Modern ridge vent ensuring very good ventilation and protection of ridges and hips. It represents high diffusion abilities, which allows to drain water vapour accumulating directly under the roof surface to the outside. It also functions as an insulation - it effectively protects against water, snow and dust penetration under the roof covering. Available in aluminium and copper versions. Air permeability (at 200 kPA): 380 cm3/cm3/s


Two strips of 0.14 mm thick corrugated aluminium, glued and sewn to a technical fabric together with threads resistant to environmental factors; butyl glue strips applied to the edges on the bottom side. This product is also available in copper version.


Length: 5 m
Vent width: 240, 300, 390 mm


Quantity per pallet 80 x 120:
VR 240 - 960 m (32 packs / pallet)
VR 300 - 720 m (24 packs / pallet)
VR 390 - 600 m (20 packs / pallet)


mdm® VR rollable ridge vent

mdm® VR rollable ridge vent

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