mdm® Ventia NEO 170 breathable roof underlay


Double layered roof membrane with a layer of thermoplastic polyurethane (tpu). Thanks to the glue lamination technology, fibres from needle punched fabric are evenly smoothed and they do not interfere with the functional layer as in the case of the technology of pouring a hot tpu layer..

The roof membrane, manufactured using a unique technology allowing us to use thermoplastic polyurethane (tpu), is now available on the Polish market!

Unique advantages of the mdm® Ventia Neo membrane:
- Long guarantee of the manufacturer
- Assurance of the well performed insulation for years
- Saving of material and energy
- Resistance to atmospheric conditions.

mdm®Ventia Neo 170 is available with one, very strong seam tape (T).

Heart of the mdm® Ventia Neo membrane is ultramodern functional layer made of TPU that is characterised by very high resistance to: damaging effects of UV radiation (permissible exposure – up to 6 months) and extremely high temperatures (up to 120°C).

Use with full boardnig YES
UV resistance*
concerns average yearly radiation in the Central European climate
6 months


polyester / polyurethane


Length: 50 m
Width: 1,5 m


Palett dimensions: 1540x1170x1300 mm
m²/palett: 2250 m²/30 rol.


mdm® Ventia NEO 170 breathable roof underlay
mdm® Ventia NEO 170 breathable roof underlay
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  • m²/pallet:
    2250 m² / 30 rol.
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  • m²/roll:
    75 m²