VIRTUM® ventilation chimney for flat metal roof covering


Thanks to a special bottom it can be installed on the flat metal roof coverings.

Innovative VIRTUM® ventilation chimney with Ø125 or Ø160 mm diameter is a unique product in the Polish market. VIRTUM® Ø160 has the ventilation section size of 200 cm2, thanks to which it can be used to ventilate dwelling rooms. VIRTUM® Ø160 mm chimney provides much better air flow than the chimney with a smaller diameter. Additionally, in order to provide even greater room ventilation, the chimney effectively uses wind power to improve stack effect. Excellent ventilating capability of VIRTUM® ventilation chimneys is a result of their innovative construction - in the designing process advanced technology of air flow digital modelling has been used, which is also used for Formula 1 bolides designing.

VIRTUM® ventilation chimneys:
• provide excellent room ventilation
• support natural ventilation
• perfectly vent sanitary installations in the buildings
• UV, weather, temperature and ageing resistant


Polypropylene dyed in mass. Thick butyl string enabling better adjustment of the chimney bottom to the roof.


Sold in two versions:
• chimney diameter Ø125 mm
• chimney diameter Ø160 mm


Quantity per pallet 100 x 120 Ø160 mm: 24 packs
Pack size: 440x330x455 cm

Quantity per pallet 80 x 120 Ø125 mm: 36 packs
Pack size: 410x250x380 cm


VIRTUM® ventilation chimney for flat metal roof covering

VIRTUM® ventilation chimney for flat metal roof covering

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